Alexander Technique Teacher Training
    A Comprehensive Guide

A Note to Alexander Technique Teachers, Trainees,
and Training Course Directors

The dramatic increase in Alexander Technique teacher training courses in recent years has created a need for more information about the training process, and for suggestions and advice for potential trainees. A good third of the emails and phone calls I get from The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique website concern teacher training - almost as many as I get about locating or choosing a teacher!

One page of this site, Information and Advice on Choosing and Taking a Teacher Training Course, depends entirely on your contributions. If you are a teacher or trainee, please consider making a contribution of any length to this page based on your own training experience. If you are a training course Director, and do not have a website listed on the page Teacher Training Courses, please consider creating one. As the material on my site How to Create an Alexander Technique Website shows, the process can be extremely simple and inexpensive.*

Being listed on your website has been so terrific. I have a large increase in inquiries and students due to this. I need to quickly finish my first group of Teacher trainees so we can refer folks to them! So grateful for your understanding of AT and expertise in this field of technology. - Nancy Romita, Director of the ATMidAtlantic Teacher Training Apprenticeship in Baltimore

* I was discussing this website with a student of mine who is hoping to become a teacher herself and who is currently involved in managing the website of a large financial corporation. When she learned that most training courses (indeed most teachers) don't have websites of their own, she shook her head in amazement and said "I find that inconceivable. Unless they have all the students they want, they're missing out on a major opportunity." I would add that if you are a student on an Alexander training course and actually want to make a living teaching the Technique, you should have a web site up and running on the day of your qualification.

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Alexander Technique Teacher Training: A Comprehensive Guide