Alexander Technique Teacher Training
    A Comprehensive Guide

Information and Advice on Choosing and
Taking a Teacher Training Course

The following are links to various resources with good information and suggestions regarding choosing the right training course for you.

How can I tell what Alexander Technique teacher training course is right for me? (MP3 interview - one of many at Alexander Talk)

Podcasts about choosing an Alexander Technique teacher training course

This description of the Alexander Technique teacher training process provides some useful general information.

Nicholas Brockbank, a British Alexander Technique, has written an excellent article titled How to Decide which Training Course to Attend?

David Moore, the Director of The School for F. M. Alexander Studies in Victoria, Australia, has written an article On Feedback that explores an important teacher training course issue.

The late Elizabeth Langford, former Director of the Alexander Technique Centre, a training course in Brussels, Belgium, has written an article titled Looking Ahead that contains some valuable advice for students enrolled on an Alexander Technique teacher training course.

Carolyn Nicholls, Director of the Brigton Alexander Technique College has writter a Master's Thesis titled Analysis of Training of the Specialised use of the Hands in Alexander Technique Teaching (PDF Download)

One of the best places to get information and advice on any aspect of the Alexander Technique - including teacher training - is the Alexander Technique Email Discussion Group. Information on joining can be found at Alexander On-Line. If you would like to set up an email discussion group devoted exclusively to training course questions let me know.

If you are an Alexander Technique teacher or a training course Director, please visit the Note to Alexander Technique Teachers and Training Course Directors and consider making a contribution.

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Find resources for Alexander Technique teachers and students at: alexandertechnique.com/ats

Find general information in the Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique at: alexandertechnique.com

A note to Alexander Technique Teachers and Training Course Directors

Alexander Technique Teacher Training: A Comprehensive Guide